Ingenicomm, Inc.

About Us

Ingenicomm, Inc. is a leading provider of ground and range equipment and enterprise engineering services for civil, commercial, defense and intelligence aerospace programs. Our staff is composed of class-A design engineers, systems engineers, and process-oriented support staff, with strong technical and executive leadership. We support missions operated by a majority of domestic and international space agencies, and Ingenicomm equipment is deployed on every continent, including Antarctica.

The need to modernize ground system architecture drives us to think outside the box and seek out ingenious communication paradigms — and thus we created Ingenicomm. We specialize in the standardization of ground network elements, enabling interoperability while providing customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of individual missions. Our approach allows the user flexibility in a multi-mission environment by leveraging powerful software processing to solve complex engineering problems.

Having adopted the Project Management Institute's recognized good practices; Ingenicomm strives to achieve a balance between project scope, schedule, and cost, while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Ingenicomm has demonstrated its significant growth by successfully scaling in the following areas:

  • Fully integrated ERP/MRP, labor and timekeeping, and financial systems for timely JSRs and accurate rate determination/allocation
  • Solid supply chain management, including procedures for supplier qualification and counterfeit parts detection, supporting an inventory of 1000+ unique parts from 50+ vendors
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system; fabrication of boards by ISO 9001 certified vendors
  • Rigorous configuration management, including configuration control boards and change review/approval/audit procedures
  • Robust procedures for storing, using, and tracking government-furnished and customer-furnished equipment
  • Fully complaint export program for ITAR and EAR regulations with sound FCPA procedures supporting international business across all continents

From receiving spacecraft health and status to remote sensing and operational awareness to delivering network-centric command and control through the Global Information Grid, Ingenicomm is committed to the success of your mission.