Ingenicomm, Inc.

ASP/ISP Service Brokering

Ingenicomm has been chartered to provide ongoing Application Service Provider/Infrastructure Service Provider (ASP/ISP) brokering services for the Intelligence Community (IC).

As a service broker, Ingenicomm is an advocate of the customer, taking into account the customer’s needs today and in the future to influence service evolution. This approach simplifies the customer’s transition from a stove-piped to an enterprise service-based solution, thereby lowering the adoption risk while increasing trust between the customers and the service providers.

Ingenicomm develops service based solutions for the customer based on their needs, documents service level agreements (SLAs) based on information provided by the service providers, and manages the service catalog and service knowledge-bases.

Additionally, Ingenicomm provides expertise to define and architect cloud computing technologies and develop information technology architectures, requirements, and roadmaps that include computing, storage and network infrastructure. Ingenicomm personnel work with customers to migrate applications from stove-piped infrastructures to shared infrastructures by analyzing existing/legacy architectures, recommending appropriate cloud technology, and developing cloud-based architectures and solutions.