Ingenicomm, Inc.

Configurable Ground Systems (CGS)

Ingenicomm’s CGS software framework represents the next generation of ground system technology. CGS combines high-performance, multi-mission data processing capabilities with flexible, user-configurable feature sets to provide a comprehensive range of functionality for both CCSDS and non-CCSDS ground systems.

Programmable Telemetry Processor (PTP)

The PTP is a highly versatile, modular telemetry and command front-end processor for use in remote tracking stations and satellite operations centers. The PTP is also well suited for spacecraft integration and testing at the factory and on the launch pad.

Signal Conversion Devices

The icCON series of signal converters includes a variety of configurations to satisfy a wide range of signaling requirements. The icDSW is a highly configurable multi-channel input/output device engineered for a variety of applications including signal conversion, multi-channel frame synchronization, data source selection, channel and system failover, and data distribution and replication.

CCSDS Calculator

Ingenicomm's CCSDS Calculator is an easy-to-use tool for in-the-field calculation of CCSDS telemetry and telecommand data formats and rates. The CCSDS Calculator is available for all iOS devices, and can be downloaded directly from the iTunes App Store.