Ingenicomm, Inc.

Configurable Ground Systems (CGS)

Ingenicomm’s CGS software framework represents the next generation of ground system technology. CGS combines high-performance, multi-mission data processing capabilities with flexible, user-configurable feature sets to provide a comprehensive range of functionality for both CCSDS and non-CCSDS ground systems.

CGS Systems

icMDM Modems

  • High-performance S-Band and dual-band modems, with performance within 1 dB of theoretical for typical waveform modes
  • Full range of integrated decoding and front-end processing capabilities to support single-system operation
  • Integrated serial and network baseband interfaces for auxiliary path and test configurations

icFEP Front End Processors

  • Full range of front-end processing features, including decoding, telemetry and command processing, decommutation, archiving, and data distribution
  • Configurable generation of data quality metrics and characteristics
  • Adaptive data identification and processing capabilities to support automatic system configuration

icREC Recorders/Reproducers

  • Fully configurable data archiving and playback, with multiple format options
  • Embedded metadata recording and regeneration
  • This is Feature 3.Integrated file management and distribution capabilities
  • Serial-to-disk and network-to-disk configurations available

icNET Network Gateways

  • Integrated channel priority selection and data multiplexing
  • Full range of encapsulation and user service protocols
  • Adaptive data buffering and store-and-forward features
  • Heuristic data detection and automatic path selection
  • Support for redundant multi-path configurations
  • Serial-to-network and network-to-network configurations available

icITS Integrated Test Sets

  • Fully configurable test data generation and verification
  • Selectable simulation of errors and link degradation conditions
  • Real-time bit- and packet-level error statistics
  • Latency and phase delay measurement capabilities

CGS Software

CGS Data Processing Software

  • Modular, multi-mission data processing software framework
  • High-performance telemetry and command processing engine
  • Built-in simulation, analysis and automation tools
  • Easy integration of user-created software components

icAutomata Test Automation Software

  • XML-based test scenarios
  • Rich web-based GUI with remote REST API
  • Comprehensive test scenario construction and environment validation
  • Test report generation and requirement verification tracing