Ingenicomm, Inc.

icNET Network Gateways

Ingenicomm’s icNET-SLE Space Link Extension (SLE) Gateways represent the next generation of low-cost, high-performance multi-mission cross support solutions. The icNET-SLE product line combines Ingenicomm’s proven Configurable Ground Systems (CGS) software framework with robust enterprise hardware platformsto provide multi-channel SLE data transport capabilities at rates of up to 1.5Gbps per channel.

icNET Models

icNET-30/30-SLE icNET-100/400/800/100-SLE/400-SLE/100-SLE icFEP-1200/1500/1200-SLE/1500-SLE
Maximum Channel Rate 30 Mbps 100/400/800 Mbps 1.2/1.5 Gbps
Available I/O Interfaces RS-422, TTL, GigE ECL, LVDS, GigE GigE, 10-GigE
  • Integrated channel priority selection and data multiplexing
  • Full range of encapsulation and user service protocols
  • Adaptive data buffering and store-and-forward features
  • Heuristic data detection and automatic path selection
  • Support for redundant multi-path configurations
  • Serial-to-network and network-to-network configurations available