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Programmable Telemetry Processor (PTP)

The Programmable Telemetry Processor (PTP) is a highly versatile, modular telemetry and command front-end processor for use in remote tracking stations and satellite operations centers. The PTP is also well suited for spacecraft integration and testing at the factory and on the launch pad.

PTP Systems

Programmable Telemetry Processor (PTP)

  • Complete data processing solution from RF to network
  • Support for multiple independent channels at data rates up to 30 Mbps per channel
  • Demodulation, bit and frame synchronization, and decoding
  • CCSDS/TDM telemetry and telecommand processing and simulation

High-Rate Programmable Telemetry Processor (PTP-EX)

  • 1.6 Gbps serial throughput for CCSDS and TDM frame processing and archiving
  • 800 Mbps disk logging of Reed-Solomon corrected CCSDS frames and simultaneous processing of real-time data
  • CCSDS and TDM data simulation with 800 Gbps serial output
  • 400 Mbps real-time network transfer

Wideband Isochronous Serial/Network Gateway (PTP-WING)

  • 800 Mbps serial-to-IP or serial-to-ATM conversion
  • 800 Mbps IP-to-serial or ATM-to-serial conversion
  • TCP, UDP, or IP multicast encapsulation when using IP WAN
  • ATM AAL 5 encapsulation when using ATM WAN
  • Simplex or duplex operation

PTP Software

Programmable Telemetry Processing Software (PTP-SW)

  • Completely flexible system for data processing
  • Detailed status provided at every step of the processing sequence
  • Quickly reconfigurable, even when data is flowing
  • Large number of standard modules available
  • System configuration can be saved as a file and recalled in seconds

PTP Components

LUNA Serial Interface Board

  • Frame synchronizer with automatic polarity correction
  • TTL/RS-422 data and clock inputs supporting line rates up to 30 Mbps
  • External clock reference input available
  • 1-microsecond time tag resolution (requires external 10 MHz and 1 PPS strobe or auxiliary time board)
  • PCM encoder/decodersupporting NRZ-L/S/M and BiΦ-L/S/M
  • CCSDS pseudo-randomization and derandomization

ORION High-Rate Serial Interface Board

  • Frame synchronizer with automatic polarity correction and dual correlators for QPSK data
  • NECL interfaces with SMB connectors for reliable, high-speed I/O
  • SMB outputs support rates up to 800 Mbps with an external clock reference
  • Reed-Solomon and Viterbi encoder/decoder
  • 1-microsecond time tag resolution with external 10 MHz and 1 PPS strobes or auxiliary time board
  • PCM encoder/decoder supporting NRZ-L/S/M and BIΦ-L
  • CCSDS pseudo-Randomization and de--randomization