Ingenicomm, Inc.

Custom Software

Ingenicomm’s custom software design and development services aim to leverage modern high-performance computing architectures to deliver optimized solutions for unique mission requirements. Ingenicomm offers software engineering capabilities that span the range from enterprise application architecture to driver development.

Core Languages

C/C++      C#      Java      Perl      Python

Core Tools

    Microsoft Visual Studio 6, .NET, and 2008/2010

    Eclipse and NetBeans

    Intel Parallel Studio

    GNU Compiler Suite

    Perforce and Subversion

Core Expertise

    Telemetry and command processing

    Spacecraft simulation, testing, and verification

    CCSDS and TDM protocols

    Protocol translation and data distribution

    RF to IP data capture and processing

    Data archiving and retrieval

    Scheduling and data quality metrics

    Custom encoding and encapsulation